About Us

About Us

Bersche-Rolt is a specialist structural repair contractor with over 25 years of experience in the rehabilitation, repair and strengthening of masonry and concrete structures across the UK.

We operate nationwide, predominantly in the social housing sector, providing local authorities and housing associations with value for money and time savings by managing the entire structural repair process from start to finish. We have the in-house expertise to survey, investigate and diagnose the cause of structural damage and then design, manufacture and install bespoke repair schemes through a wide range of structural repair solutions, which include the installation of our patented stainless steel masonry reinforcement systems.

Our design work is carried out by our Technical Manager, an in-house chartered engineer, who is at hand at each stage of a structural repair project. The repairs are implemented by our highly trained, specialist workforce and completed projects are covered by 10 year insurance backed guarantees as standard with longer periods of cover available if required.

We are committed to continued research and development, we develop, manufacture and install our patented stainless steel masonry reinforcement systems in-house and provide CPD seminars on the latest reinforcement techniques for housing and bridges.

Ongoing research and student support projects exist with the Engineering Department of the University of Leeds and we also support an innovative and worthwhile project at the Sheffield Design Centre, where students are trained in basic building skills and are encouraged to consider a future in the building industry.

Our Origins

Bersche-Rolt was established in 1992 by its Managing Director, George Edscer, in response to the demand from social landlords for a new approach to structural repairs after many questioned whether the booming underpinning industry was providing them with cost effective repair solutions.

Research in the marketplace showed that many underpinning projects were unnecessary or where partial underpinning had been recommended, further more costly repairs were often needed.

Many social housing organisations had no procedures for the regular inspection of their housing stock, the control of vegetation and trees, or the checking and maintenance of drains, all of which are factors that contribute to subsidence related damage.

From the outset Bersche-Rolt offered a complete structural repair package, starting from initial consultation right through to the survey, diagnosis, design and repair stages, all under the advice of our Technical Manager, an in-house chartered engineer.

Over the last 25 years we have continued to develop and manufacture our stainless steel masonry reinforcement systems in addition to remaining at the forefront of the latest structural repair techniques. We offer a comprehensive range of structural repair solutions to our customers, with staff and site personnel working from regional depots throughout the UK.

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