Cedar Villa, Banbury

Superstructure Repair


A Georgian villa constructed from 500 mm thick random sandstone with a hipped roof and a rendered finish.

The original house had been built on clay soils with shallow footings, the flank walls had settled and all original elevations and exhibited subsidence related cracking. A more recent brick cavity wall extension to the full length of the rear was unaffected.

The building was built without quoin stones to the external corners and had weak and weathered mortar joints where exposed.


The Bersche-Rolt engineer designed a scheme utilising the installation of Bersche-Rolt masonry reinforcement to repair and strengthen the front and side elevations of the original building. The corners were also reinforced internally and externally, using core drilling techniques to strengthen the corner piers.

Cracks were ground out and injected with Bersche-Rolt bonding mortar.

Project Details

  • Solution:

    Superstructure Repair

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  • Location:

    South East

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Masonry Reinforcement
Historic Restoration
Concrete Repair Association
ISO 9001
ISO 14001