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Bersche-Rolt’s holistic structural repair process is central to our approach for the repair and protection of concrete structures, in accordance with the principles laid out in European Standard EN1504.

We diagnose the cause of defects in concrete by undertaking a full range of investigation and testing techniques, as specified by our engineer. These may include a defect location and hammer test survey, cover meter survey, carbonation depth and chloride tests.

Once the cause and extent of the damage has been established, we will specify an appropriate repair scheme, which may include a range of concrete repair, corrosion prevention and protective coating techniques - all undertaken by our specialist site workforce.

We are members of the Concrete Repair Association and have successfully completed an extensive range of concrete repair projects since we were established in 1992. In 2015 we won the Repair & Refurbishment category at the Concrete Society Awards for the diagnostic, concrete repair and coating works we undertook to Barry Island’s iconic Eastern Shelter in South Wales.



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