Substructure Repair

Diagnosis, Design & Installation

If after conducting site investigations and a period of monitoring we find that the movement is progressive, our engineer may specify remedial works to the substructure of the building in the form of traditional underpinning techniques, such as mass or partial concrete underpinning, or the installation of mini-piles.

We consider the underpinning of foundations to be a last resort given the associated expense and disruption it causes to the building, its services and occupants. However, the formation of composite masonry beams in the walls of the building using Bersche-Rolt masonry reinforcement can reduce the requirement for continuous mass concrete underpinning or beam and pier underpinning systems, reducing the inconvenience caused.

All substructure repair schemes are installed by our highly trained workforce and will often form part of an overall repair scheme that also includes repairs to the superstructure.



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