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Bersche-Rolt offer a complete design and installation service for the repair and stabilisation of existing walls and the construction of new walls, which includes a free of charge condition survey.

We have the in-house capabilities to construct new retaining walls and repair existing structures through a wide range of solutions, which work together to form comprehensive, multi-discipline repair schemes.


  • Corrosion resistant high tensile Grade 304 or 316 stainless steel reinforcing bars (1.4301 to BS EN 10088)
  • Reinforcement with a characteristic strength of 500 Mpa (BS 6744:2016)
  • Bars are solid in cross section with a greater cross-sectional area
  • Fixed locating spacers hold the bars centrally in the groove or hole
  • Bars embedded in cementitious, shrinkage compensated, thixotropic bonding mortar with a characteristic strength of 40 MPa
  • Full bridge circumference applications
  • Bars are available in any length and a wide range of diameters from 3 to 24 mm
  • Independently tested by The University of Bradford


  • Significant cost and time savings
  • Reduces downtime and minimal interruption to traffic and services
  • Concealed subsurface installation leaves appearance of structure virtually unaltered
  • Increases load capacity to comply with modern standards with no significant increase in the overall weight of the structure
  • Enables structure to move as a complete unit
  • Whole bridge applications accommodate imposed dynamic and static loads as well as the effects of settlement, thermal and moisture induced movement
  • Superior tensile performance
  • Excellent bond with masonry
  • Ten year insurance backed guarantees as standard
Concrete Repair Association
ISO 9001
ISO 14001