LPS Tower Block Repair & Strengthening

Flank Wall Restraint
Floor Slab Strengthening
Internal Strengthening
Structural Repairs to Building Envelope

A significant proportion of the UK's Large Panel System tower blocks do not meet modern requirements to resist accidental loading, e.g. from an internal non-piped gas explosion, potentially leading to progressive collapse above and below the failure point.

Bersche-Rolt has developed a proprietary remedial structural strengthening solution where the flank wall panels are restrained by an external steel frame connected to the floor slabs.

Our "Core-Anchor Restraint System" provides a robust connection between the external steel frame and the hollowcore floor planks, in addition to increasing their flexural strength. This method of reinforcement, which has been successfully trialed by Bersche-Rolt on sites in London and the West Midlands, is a cost effective way of preventing progressive collapse whilst also providing a means of increasing the thermal efficiency and useful life of these buildings.



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