Large Panel System Tower Block Strengthening

Flank Walls
Floor Slabs
Internal Wall & Threshold Connections
Structural Repairs to Building Envelope

A significant proportion of the UK's Large Panel System tower blocks do not meet modern requirements to resist accidental loading, e.g. from an internal non-piped gas explosion, or severe external impact damage from vehicles or explosions, potentially leading to progressive collapse above and below the failure point.

Since 2016 Bersche-Rolt has been working with social housing clients and consulting engineers to develop remedial structural strengthening solutions where the flank wall panels are strengthened by an external steel frame connected to the hollowcore floor slabs.

The system, which has been developed through a combination of in-house R&D and site based investigation and trial work, builds on Bersche-Rolt's extensive experience in the design, development and installation of masonry reinforcement systems and has been successfully trialed to various LPS tower blocks across the UK.



ISO 9001
ISO 14001